Elliot’s not first week at school

This week all the kids Elliot’s age have been starting school. The hubster and I were talking last weekend about the fact that he would have been starting this week. N said “I’m really glad he’s not going”. I am too! We’re really pleased we’ve made the decision to home educate.

The time we’ll get to spend with him when he’d ordinarily be at school, the learning we’ll get to see first hand just as he plays and explores the world, the character we’ll get to see develop and the freedom we’ll have to do things as and when it feels right – these are some of the things we’re looking forward to. 

I bought a couple of workbooks for when he or I feel the need to do some “formal” learning. I’ve been offering them to him most mornings – he’s done a couple of pages this week but I’m not pushing it at all. I’m trying my best to trust that he’ll learn as and when he’s ready to – after all, that’s what he’s done so far in his nearly 5 years of life 🙂 

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