Being a stay-at-home-mum is often rewarding, but sometimes there are days when it feels like we didn’t achieve anything. N will come home from work and ask “what did you do today?” and the answer will feel inadequate – “nothing” or “we went to asda” or “the kids just played”

It can be difficult to feel like I’ve done anything of worth sometimes. I was feeling a little like this the other day, so I did a little exercise to help me recognise what we’d done during the day. It actually made me feel loads better!
Here’s my list:

Reorganised the dining room from having friends around the night before – straightened table, put extra chairs away etc.
Put a load of washing on
Got breakfast for 3 children
Got children dressed
Sorted nappies (we use washable ones) and put them away
Fed a baby (a total of 6 times on this day)
Swapped toys over (we rotate our toys monthly to keep things tidy and interesting)
Swept playroom and kitchen
Hung washing outside
Built a trolley with Carys out of Build It
Played with the farm with Elliot
Showed Elliot how to skip
Pushed children on swings
Made lunch
Called someone to pay for a HE day out coming up
Put the baby to bed for a nap
Did dishes
Changed nappies (5 times)
Cleared up a wee puddle and changed wet child!
Took 3 children for a bike ride
Got washing in
Helped Elliot with some games on the laptop
Wiped noses and bottoms!
Cuddled children and met emotional needs
Cooked dinner
Cleared table
Did dishes (again)
Put children to bed
Tidied up
Put washing machine on

Still when I read the list it brings up thoughts of “was that enough?” “does that make me needed?”
I have to remind myself that my worth is not based on how much I do, but on who I am, and more importantly WHO’s I am.

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