Moving on

I took my son to nursery today…
…for the last time.

It is the end of an era. My little boy is growing up. He has had a lovely time at nursery – he’s gone 2 afternoons a week for the last 5 terms.

I can tell it’s time for him to move on. Recently he’s been a little more reluctant to go, he’s still enjoyed it, he’s just not been as excited about it, and occasionally has said he doesn’t want to go, or wants me to pick him up early. When I’ve quizzed him about why, it’s not because he doesn’t like it, or anything wrong is happening, he just would rather be at home. “I like being able to do things with you mummy”, or “It’s more interesting and exciting at home”. He sure knows how to make me feel good!

And so move on he will. He wasn’t at all fussed about not going anymore. “Will you miss your friends at nursery Elliot?” “Erm, well not really mummy, because I’ll be having fun with you and Carys and Lydia, and anyway, my friends aren’t staying at nursery, they have to go to school.” Told you he knows how to make me smile 🙂

Only another 6 months until Carys will go! eeek. My little girl is growing up too!

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