Sunday rest (at the park!)

A typically busy Sunday and an exceptionally busy week was rescued by a trip to Preston park this afternoon.

By the time we were home from church and had lunch it was after 2, but we knew we needed some family time together so off we went.

We had a quick look round the museum (thanks to our £5 for a year’s entry ticket). They had some Victorian demonstrations on today so we briefly – because to a 2 & 4 year old it’s not that exciting – watched a basket weaver which was fascinating.
Then we decided to go for a walk – although the kids were on bikes. Elliot has just learnt to ride his pedal bike and Carys has got the hang of her balance bike and it is so precious to watch them zoom away. Lovely to be able to walk at a fast pace too without having to stop every 30 seconds to encourage a child along.
The miniature train was running too so we had a quick go, £4 for 5 of is isn’t bad. It was another thing that created joy and happy feelings all round. Even Lydia liked it! Then continued a walk/cycle down to the river – Elliot hasn’t yet mastered stopping as his brakes are a little stiff so some of the downhill bits got our hearts beating a little!

On the way round Elliot found an orienteering post and asked about it. We explained what it was and he said he wanted to find a map and try and find some more. Managed to locate a map (for £1) and he loved it and after finding a few posts was starting to get the hang of orientating the map and identifying landmarks. Great to see his little brain learning and loving it.

I really need to start taking more photos as that would make this a whole lot more interesting!

Anyway, the afternoon restored us a little, it is good to have fun together to go with the busyness and stress of life (did I say it’s been a crazy week). It is especially good to do it on a Sunday – slowing down on the Sabbath and recognising that whilst rest with small children is tricky, it is certainly possible! We often find it difficult to rest because with 3 kids under 5 everything gets a bit manic, but this afternoon just seemed to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, now they’re in bed I still feel exhausted, but soul rest has been achieved even if physical rest hasn’t!

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One Response to Sunday rest (at the park!)

  1. Susan says:

    Having our Sunday’s as a family rest day have saved my sanity and massively enhanced family relationships – I think we would not be as close to our kids now if we hadn’t been doing this for the last 4 years. I just wish we had done this sooner

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