Lovely day

Today was lovely! It didn’t start out that way. N had to go down south for the day to meet estate agents at our old flat. He left at 6:30. Kids were basically a nuisance most of the morning – I didn’t have anything planned to do (always an error) and they were just winding each other up and generally not doing what I’d asked. By the time they eventually got dressed (around 10:45) I was feeling frustrated BUT the sun had come out. Yay!

So off we went to Broken Scar with a picnic, wellies and spare clothes! It’s a lovely little picnic spot with an interesting play area and a river. When I’d asked the kids what they wanted to do Elliot suggested we could go to a river but Carys said she wanted to go to a park. This managed to cover both. Lydia fell asleep on the way there which was perfect as got her out in her car seat while we had a picnic, and then could help the other two on the play stuff for a bit. Elliot is getting mightily adventurous! Climbed up to the top of the bird’s nest climbing frame thingy and then wanted to slide down the central pole. Lovely (and only slightly frightening) to see him becoming more able and trying things that a couple of months ago he would have been far too scared of.

Then when Lydia woke up I popped her in the sling, put the kids wellies on and we went down to the river. There’s a nice shallow bit with rocks and stones so the kids chucked stones, splashed about a bit and (just) managed to avoid falling in completely! The sun was beaming down on us but there was enough breeze to not be too hot. Everyone was content.

When we got back the kids played pretty well (always better once they’ve been out). Then after dinner I took them out on their bikes. The 45 mins between tea and bed are typically pretty difficult but I’ve found going out for a walk or bike ride really helps. Yes it means the dishes don’t get done, but it does mean everyone is less stressed and we have a happy end to the day 🙂

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