Reading and potatoes

Elliot has been using a trial of Reading Eggs recently. It is a brilliant online reading game. He had a go a few months ago but this time something seems to have clicked and he is just starting to ‘get’ the idea of reading and blending sounds and all that sort of thing. It is lovely to watch him learn – even if he is a little obsessed with using the laptop! In fact, he’s trying to kick me off already!

We recently took part in a grow your own potatoes project which they enjoyed. Last week was harvesting time. I love how excited they were! We have already eaten most of the potatoes. Maybe we’ll plant some more. Also growing in the garden is a raspberry bush, strawberry plants, one solitary courgette plant that survived the slug assault, and a couple of fruit tree grown from pips/seeds last year. Unfortunately apart from the avocado which is rather obvious, all the other trees are unidentified. I guess we’ll have to see whether they start bearing fruit in a couple of years! Growing things and learning about where food comes from is such a nice thing to do together as I’m not exactly an expert gardener and tend to be learning as much as the kids!

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