A lovely few days

Elizabeth and Reuben came to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday. We had a lovely time. It was so nice to have company in the day time, for me and for Elliot. Reuben is 2 days younger than Elliot so they make pretty good playmates.

On Tuesday we chatted and caught up with life. We played with Megablocks and various other toys, and then went for a wander to Lidl after lunch. The idea was for the boys to both go to sleep. Reuben happily obliged, Elliot not so much! On the way home Elliot grumbled about being stuck in the pushchair and requested that I got him out to let him walk. I was a very kind mummy and let him do so. This meant that the last 5 minutes walk home actually took around 20 minutes, what with stopping and starting a lot, going in the wrong direction occasionally, and generally going at the pace of a 16 month old child with small legs but endless energy!

After dinner (rice and bolognaise), it was bath time (cue cute bath pic:)

Once the boys were in bed we chatted, watched some “Not Going Out” and played rummy, but not at the same time because Nathan couldn’t cope!

On Wednesday we decided to go swimming. This was a brave move considering it was half-term. However we got there early enough for the pool not to be too crowded and fun was had by all. Both boys were obsessed by the whale in the toddler pool and we even managed a go on the water slide.

Then the boys had lunch and the grown-ups shared a scone in the cafè. Both boys had a nap on the way home and then later in the afternoon we took them to the park to keep the late afternoon grumbles at bay. Sausage casserole for dinner and then time to say bye 😦  But, I had such a nice 2 days.

Then, on Thursday we had a lovely morning.  Melissa and Eilidh came round to play. Elliot and Eilidh spent the morning giving each other kisses and cuddles which was very cute

They really do love each other – except when they want to play with the same toy in which case we get tears!

We love having friends round. It keeps everyone happy!

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One Response to A lovely few days

  1. Ann Myers says:

    I enjoyed reading about my lovely Grandson Elliot and his friends x

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