Random happenings

So it’s been a while since the last post. Things got rather crazy around here what with moving house a week before Christmas, then visiting family for a week, coming back and having an ill (therefore grumpy) child, trying to instil some sort of order into the new house, and now having a teething child, who is soo clingy. And now the snow has returned!

Anyway, to update you… the move went really well, had lots of help from some church friends and everything got moved without too much hassle. We had 5 days in the new house before travelling to see family for Christmas…

… Which was lovely. Managed to relax a bit and enjoyed spending time with lovely people. Pogo’s favourite new toy is either a metal teapot which he can bang the lid of and store things in (like plastic fruit or 2 pence pieces), or his till, which has noisy buttons to press and a cash drawer he can store things in (like 2 pence pieces or chocolate). Are you getting the recurring theme? He likes putting things in other things (and getting them out again). Which reminds me, he has put the tv remote somewhere and we can’t find it. Hopefully it was not in the bin which got emptied and collected yesterday! We’ve checked the washing machine, the saucepans, the cupboards, and no sign of it yet. Oh well.

I think he’s getting some back teeth at the moment. All the signs are there: red cheeks, general grumpyness, disgusting nappies, disturbed sleep (although I’m not sure that counts as a sign with this child – see last post). He is also being exceptionally clingy to me. He screams if DH comes home and tries to cuddle him, or takes him away from me so I can cook dinner, or if I go to the toilet without him, or if someone else tries to put him to bed, or… you get the picture. It’s very annoying and I really hope it’s just a phase and that we haven’t created a child who will only be comforted by his mummy. Although it is rather nice to be wanted!

It is currently snowing, fairly heavily. I love snow 🙂 I shall leave you with that happy thought!

Ta ta for now

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