My Son has never found sleeping easy. From about two weeks old he only slept anything between 9 and 12 hours a day in total. I’m told they’re supposed to sleep around 16hrs a day when that mini. In his entire 13 months of life he has slept through the night on about 6 occasions. I am very jealous of people whose children sleep through the night from when they are two months old.

During the day time he will only nap if he is being pushed in his buggy, and in fact has decided to skip his nap about 4 times in the last week. Darling son, 13 months old is too young to stop having a midday nap. Most other children sleep in the day till they are at least 2! Please take note of this.

At night we’ve tried various methods to help him sleep and stay asleep. We’ve tried letting him cry a little, although we were never very comfortable with the concept. All that happens when we let him cry is that he gets more and more stressed out and worked up. He fits and screams and ends up covered in sweat, so we decided that wasn’t working and gave up!

He went through a phase for about a month of only waking up once around 4am and then going back to sleep until 7:30 which was wonderful. Unfortunately that phase stopped  when he was about 11 months and since then he’s gone back to waking about 4 times a night, and is increasingly hard to settle.

We tried taking the side off his cot so that when he woke up I could just snuggle beside him rather than lifting him out and having to put him back down again when he was settled which inevitably woke him back up. This helped greatly with getting him to sleep in the first place, but in the middle of the night he seems to get so upset that he needs a proper cuddle to calm down.

So, we decided, mostly for the sake of my sanity, that if he didn’t settle back down quickly after waking up in the night that he could just come in our bed. Sometimes he comes in as early as 10:30 (like last night), sometimes he stays in his own bed until 4, or even 6:30. To be honest, we quite like having him in with us. He sleeps better, usually only waking once if at all, which means we sleep better. And he’s very cute when he’s asleep, not to mention he’s like a cuddly hot water bottle! Admittedly half the time he decides he’d like to sleep horizontally across the bed and ends up kicking one of us in the head, or we end up using him as a pillow, but we can move him back to a vertical position without really disturbing him which we could never do in his own bed.

At some point I’m sure we’ll try and encourage him to move back to his own bed but for now we are embracing co-sleeping and not worrying too much about it. If it gets me more sleep, I’ll try anything!

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