A snowy birthday

It was my birthday today. I’ve had a lovely day even though we didn’t really plan anything special. We have some snow, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a snowy birthday before so that’s quite exciting. I opened cards and presents in bed at 8ish. DH bought me a lovely coat which I really liked but the sleeves were too short for my gangly arms so we had to take it back 😦 But, he also bought me tickets to see Martyn Joseph and chocolate, so I’m very happy! I got some cheques too – most of which are to pay for my bike that we got in the summer, but there is about £100 spending money left so I shall have to have a think about what I’d like!

After breakfast we walked into town to take the coat back and do a little bit of Christmas shopping. It was really nice in the snow and felt quite Christmassy even though it’s a bit early to feel Christmassy, but it is the first Sunday of advent tomorrow and after my birthday, so I think feeling Christmassy might be just about allowed.

After lunch we took some nice family photos in the snow to send with our Christmas cards to friends we’ve not seen in a while, then did some boring milk and bread shopping. The boys then had a nap whilst I worked out how many Christmas cards we needed, and then we had pasta and meatballs for tea.


This evening we went out to a Christmassy evening at a couple from Church’s house which was lovely. We built and decorated a gingerbread house which looked fantastic when it was finished. We drank lovely mulled wine and ate mini mince pies. We’ve just got back and relieved our babysitter so now I’m ready for bed. Looking forward to church tomorrow and lunch out (again). This is one advantage of moving a lot, you get invited to a lot of Sunday lunches!

DH has just informed me that my birthday lottery ticket (we have a tradition of buying one lottery ticket on birthdays) only matched two numbers and so we are unfortunately not millionaires this time around 😦 oh well. We have a roof over our heads and yummy food to eat and a small boy who’s very cute. What more could I possibly want on my birthday except maybe a whole night’s uninterrupted sleep?!


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