The food appreciation society

My one year old son is definitely a member. I am constantly amazed by the amount of food he eats. Although with a dad like his (who eats 12 weetabix for breakfast), I probably shouldn’t be.

Today at 11am, he was screaming for his lunch, even though he’d only had breakfast at 8:30. Usually he lasts until at least 11:30!

‘Don’t brag about his love for food’, I hear you say. ‘Tomorrow he might wake up and not like anything’. Maybe he will, and if he does hopefully I wont be too stressed out about it. However as it currently stands, he’d quite happily eat all day.

Here is a breakdown of his daily intake of food:

  • Sometime around 7:30am: unknown quantity of breastmilk
  • Approx 8:30am, Breakfast. This consists of a small bowl of malted wheaties (maybe 40!) and/or multigrain hoops
  • 11:30am, Lunch. A cheese sandwich (one slice of wholemeal bread), quarter (maybe a third?) of a tin of baked beans, a large piece of fruit (usually an apple or a banana), and a yoghurt.
  • 3-3:30pm, Snack. A rice cake/breadstick/biscuit/all of the above, and a cup of milk (cows milk this time though)
  • 5-5:30pm, Dinner. Whatever we ate yesterday usually. Mince, or casserole, or pasta etc. In terms of portion size… well, about half of one of the plastic tubs you get chinese takeaway in! Plus sometimes a yoghurt for pudding.
  • 7pm, Supper. A small bowl of porridge. This in theory helps him sleep through the night without waking up hungry! (I think it does help with the hunger as I no longer feed him at night, but it doesn’t help with the staying asleep!)
  • 7:30pm, Unknown quantity of breastmilk.

I know a few adults who don’t eat that much in a day. Oh well, it’s not like he’s fat so his metabolism must be good. And he does like running about a lot so I guess it burns off!

I can only hope that his love for food means that in a few years time he will want to cook me all sorts of yummy things containing chocolate!

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2 Responses to The food appreciation society

  1. Mad Mart says:

    In due course I shall send the girls to train him in how to bake yummies for his parents.

  2. Chris Harland says:

    I think I might be one of those adults who don’t eat that much in a day – not good that a one year old is eating more than me!

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