Choose your battles

So… I for one would like to know how exactly one qualifies for £400+ of housing benefit a week? When I first heard this figure I assumed it was per month – only when I heard it a second time did I fall down in shock! I’m quite glad the government have put a cap on it and would actually prefer the cap to be lower! Hopefully this move will drive down the ridiculously high housing costs we currently put up with!

We do not receive housing benefit! Our rent is £425 a month because that is all we can afford on Nathan’s salary. We would dearly love to have a bigger house on the nice side of town. So why should our taxes pay for someone else to have a lovely house in a nice area?

Labour – please choose your battles carefully. There is no point arguing the toss just because you’re the opposition. When the policies are as sensible as this one why not just all try and be grown-ups and get on with each other?!

Rant over… on a more practical note, my plans for us to cycle to sainsbury’s to do some shopping this morning have been scuppered because the beautiful blue sky that was here 20 mins ago has turned into torrential rain and gale force (well maybe not quite) winds. Maybe we’ll stay in!

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5 Responses to Choose your battles

  1. Katy Myers says:

    I am inclined to agree with you for all areas outside the M25. However many places in inner London you wouldn’t get a flat nearly as big as your old onefor less than £600 a week.

    • I do agree that London is a special case But… one of their main points is that they’ll force private landlords to lower prices by refusing to pay the extortionate rents. So whilst in the short term it might mean a few people have to move, in the long term it should help normal people find more affordable housing.

    • The husband says:

      Why are people on housing benefit living in central London? Am I being unfair, or should anyone on benefits have the right to live anywhere that they want to? Surely some locations have to be paid for out of their own pocket.

      • Mad Mart says:

        How far from low paid work should people in London be expected to live? How far out before it ceases to be viable to keep a job because of the high commute costs?

        That said I do agree that it makes little sense paying vast sums to landlords in order to facilitate someone living in some of the finest parts of the capital if cheaper alternatives exist.

        It’s not a straight forward issue, and I think on balance I favour a cap, if nothing else to give the Daily Mail more to write about…

      • Mad Mart says:

        Of course that should have said “give the Daily Mail LESS to write about”. Doh.

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