Hello world!

So today is a monday – a good day to start blogging I think. We’re having a fairly quiet day so far. This morning has consisted of playing with DS (aged 1), and walking to the corner shop to buy gas, electricity and stamps. Sounds boring but it’s a fairly normal monday morning!

We had a lovely day yesterday going to Huddersfield (we used to live there) for the birthday party and dedication of the son of some friends. Saw many old friends from Elim church Huddersfield which was lovely. However the train on the way back was too crowded and DS got a little fed up of sitting still and playing with the few toys we took with us. Having just learnt to walk he wants to be on his feet all the time. Still, if we’d taken the car he’d also have been stuck in one seat.

We’ve lived in Darlington for 6months now and still dont feel very settled. I think we expect to make friends instantly and it just doesn’t happen. We forget how much time and effort it takes to form genuine friendships.

This afternoon we’ll probably go and play at our local Sure Start centre, then do some shopping on the way home.

That’s all I’ll say for now – more interesting posts to follow!

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Anneliese, nice to see you blogging! I’ll keep checking 🙂

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