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My Son has never found sleeping easy. From about two weeks old he only slept anything between 9 and 12 hours a day in total. I’m told they’re supposed to sleep around 16hrs a day when that mini. In his entire … Continue reading

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A snowy birthday

It was my birthday today. I’ve had a lovely day even though we didn’t really plan anything special. We have some snow, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a snowy birthday before so that’s quite exciting. I opened cards … Continue reading

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About Zephy

A few weeks ago, I had a miscarriage. I was 7 weeks pregnant so it was early days – but enough to start being excited and expectant about new life . We’d just got round to choosing the baby’s nickname – … Continue reading

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So, we’ve been having trouble with our landlord, well, actually the letting agent, so I thought I’d blog about how useless they are so that people don’t use them! Relish Residential is their name, incompetence is their game! Beware. Here is the (very very … Continue reading

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Micah 6:8

We’ve been watching the apprentice this series (on iPlayer, a day late, no TV license!). I’ve been amazed at the general idiocy the majority of the contestants have and am not holding my breath hoping that one of them proves … Continue reading

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The food appreciation society

My one year old son is definitely a member. I am constantly amazed by the amount of food he eats. Although with a dad like his (who eats 12 weetabix for breakfast), I probably shouldn’t be. Today at 11am, he was … Continue reading

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Choose your battles

So… I for one would like to know how exactly one qualifies for £400+ of housing benefit a week? When I first heard this figure I assumed it was per month – only when I heard it a second time … Continue reading

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